airforce / cockpit head up helmet displays

Cockpit displays or glass cockpit displays are the visible and audible portion of the Human Machine Interface (monitor) using which the aircrew interfaces with onboard avionics to control and command the aircraft.

These monitors record and project all flight data on to the semiconductor glass pane, including speed, air pressure, differential pressures, lift and thrust, fuel level, distance, nearest ATCs, air turbulence, velocity, gross weight of the aircraft, and others.

With further modernizing, head up and helmet displays, with Augmented Reality, have come up. A head up display can be used without lowering the pilot’s gaze. Helmet displays are essential for fighter pilots in the Air Force for better maneuverability and more efficient line of sight.

Since the monitors are only part of the cockpit display systems, companies manufacture several other components including cables, hygrometers, voltage suppressors, etc.

Some of the major cockpit display systems manufacturers are Boeing and Northrop Grumman Corporation.