Role of Big Data in Military Intelligence

Distinct threads of raw data interwoven in a pattern, fabricate the texture of information. What if we know the outcome when each or a combination of these threads is pulled in a direction, switching to form a particular web with a million threads available while a million get added with reference to time and space? Yes, it is about the size and complex nature of Big Data and the Analysis!

If we look at the causes of Industrial Revolution and the consequences, it is not hard to establish a connection between them especially, after all these years. Likewise, internet triggered business developments remain central to many of the technologies. The internet revolution has not only shaped the business environment but it did provoke people to be more social in a growing competitive ambience.

Businesses needed people getting online and today it is undoubtable that internet is embedded successfully in the business and busy lives of many across the globe. While 80% of the people use internet in US, China and India occupy the next positions. With the growing number of 'mobile' users, tremendous increase in mobile traffic, the size of mobile app industry, it is predicted that the Mobile is going to overtake fixed internet access soon.

While one third of world population is using internet, one seventh is already on Facebook and it will leave us paralyzed if we get to know the size of data that is organized or handled by Google and uploaded on It is important to understand that people are the real contributors and they are doing it voluntarily for different reasons. Of course social causes are among the reasons.

Now imagine how difficult it is to manage, process and disseminate such huge data to form a meaningful web that engages people with actionable intelligence. It is not just about people in general but the volume and detail of information captured by the enterprises has grown exponentially and has got the potential to drive new innovations if analysed to derive value. Just as business has got so much relevance with data interpretation, it had become a top priority for the governmental agencies like CIA to capture and analyse data especially after 9/11.

Vast networks of sensors, much talked about drones, eavesdropping satellites or simple tracking of phone, e-mail conversations! There are many ways and good investments in place for capturing data. Possibly there could be sensors in the air we breathe! And even before one could express something through human senses, the emotion might have well been captured. People who are so vibrant when it comes to posting information on Social Cloud, are still thinking about privacy associated with personal data in the wake of projects like 'PRISM'.

It is never about intruding into private life of people that the military or 'defence' is bothered about with technology, data and authority at its disposal.

For Pentagon policy makers and the officials closely working with defence, global security is the primary concern. And big data analysis in spite of its vulnerabilities and privacy concerns continues to be essential. It is noteworthy to know that there are certain practices in existence to monitor and analyze what is called personal data and India is no exception.

Detecting threats and planning future actions of combat by making sense of data is what the military intelligence aims at through big data analysis. And the results are well defined and time critical as the whole exercise may save a life or could be a matter of death at the warfront or during a counter terror strike.

The question that gained importance is to what end and what extent can Big Data Analysis be more readable in real time.

While it is undeniable that defence industries have always been the prime movers in creating technological robustness, more and more companies are looking to technology hubs including but not limited to Silicon Valley. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics will take the core positions in defence industry for protecting national interests.

In the process of understanding and helping our clients from Defence Industry, we came up with interesting statistics and trends that mean more than just numbers or a broad overview. Stay in touch as we unleash the reports soon.