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Quest Develops new Business Resumption Center



Quest Develops new Business Resumption Center


McClellan, California, US


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When disaster strikes, survival depends on preparedness. Analysts now recommend that organizations look for Business Resumption Centers outside their main risk areas for earthquakes, flooding etc. Gartner Inc. indicates that most US companies cannot endure disruptions over seven days and further recommend that organizations adopt disaster recovery and business continuity strategies for at least one full month post-disaster1. Many organizations develop plans to move data and key systems off-site, but employees also need a safe place to access the data and resume operations. Quest provides the facilities and services to accommodate both data and people. Quest’s 24 x 7 x 365 Business Resumption Center is strategically located at the seismically stable and secure former site of McClellan Air Force Base. Formerly a military installation from 1935 to 2001, McClellan is now the largest business park in America. It features one of the most advanced fiber optic cable and redundant broadband infrastructures in California housed in buildings made of fully reinforced concrete – shell, roof and floor. Redundant communication pathways into opposite ends of each facility provide additional back-up. From basic floor plans which include cubicles, phones, faxes and call center services, to command centers with adjacent data cells and network equipment, Quest can design and install to meet individual requirements. The eleven-thousand foot airfield once used by the military is now available for charter planes and corporate jets providing clients “front door access” to Quest’s Business Recovery Center. McClellan Park is a unique 16 million square foot, self-contained community offering stores, banks, restaurants, fitness center and a full service hotel with a pool, restaurant and thirty-thousand square feet of meeting and conference space as well as housing options from dorms to single family homes. Quest President and CEO, Tim Burke, elaborates, “Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are on the forefront of business owners’ minds. Quest offers a cogent 'end-to-end' solution to ensure a company’s viability in the event of an emergency.”