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Better Built/Versar Awarded US$6 Million Project



Better Built/Versar Awarded US$6 Million Project


Springfield, Virginia, US.


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Versar, Inc. (Amex:VSR) announced today that the Better Built/Versar Team has been awarded a task order to provide Infrastructure, Road and Gate Improvements to Gate 24 at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. The $6 million dollar project includes upgrades to all site specific utilities and monitoring devices as well as construction of new facilities to include a Visitor Center, Vehicle Search Canopy, Gate Guard Building and Entry Control Points. Additionally, approximately ¾ miles of roadway will be widened by two lanes. The increased traffic patterns will ease congestion for motorist entering and leaving the base. VERSAR’s share of the work will be approximately $3 million. The project is scheduled for completion in July 2009. Dr. Ted Prociv, Versar’s President and CEO, stated, “This award continues our growth in infrastructure and physical protection/homeland defense work at key facilities across the country. The Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Aberdeen, Maryland is one of the largest and most prominent growing bases as a result of the BRAC closure and realignment process occurring at military facilities around the world. We expect the pace of work to increase substantially over the next three years.”