Mobile Medical Shelters

ZMS provides a comprehensive range of mobile medical shelters. These mobile medical shelters can be easily mounted on various types of vehicles. Thereby, Zeppelin mobile medical shelters can be needed to quickly react in a field clinical care situation. These mobile medical shelters can also be needed to facilitate extension of space. The specifications of these mobile medical shelters match global standards. Thereby ZMS has a proven record of offering the world’s best mobile medical shelters.

Tactical Communication Shelters:

ZMS is a specialized manufacturer of tactical communication shelters. These tactical communication shelters confine to modern system engineering standards and are the most innovative and reliable. These tactical communication shelters are usually built in standard sizes. Custom built tactical communication shelters are also provided. The Zeppelin tactical communication shelters are designed to be carried by any vehicle. The flexibility and superior quality of these tactical communication shelters has made ZMS a key player in the global market.

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