Ring Laser Gyro Mirrors

Sub Angstrom polished substrates, Ring Laser Gyro (RLG) Mirrors:

‘Super-polished’ or laser quality polished substrates are ideal for use as low-loss laser mirrors, where thermal stability, surface scatter and high laser damage thresholds are key requirements.

WZWOPTICAG uses state-of-the-art ‘Super-polishing’ technology to fabricate flat and radius substrates. A large investment in metrology instrumentation enables WZWOPTICAG to measure and verify virtually all aspects of the mirror performance, including reflectance,  scattering, surface figure, surface roughness and absorption are to mention a few.

'Super-Polished surfaces with a surface roughness of <= 1 Å rms, figured to <= 1/10 Wave PV, a scratch-dig of <= 10-5 and surface figure <= /20 @633nm this combination helps to minimize both scatter and absorption. Flat and Curved ‘Super-polished’ Mirror Substrates (Surface Roughness better than 1 Angstrom RMS).

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