Surveillance, Tracking and Stabilized Motion Control Platforms

System controls is involved in the design development and manufacturing of motion control gimbals for mounting Radar antennas, Electro optical cameras, Laser sources, Communication Dish antennas Surveillance, Tracking and Stabilized Motion Control Platforms etc.

Over two decades of experience in the industry and the company expertise in the field of high precision control applications enables us to offer the entire gamut of turnkey integrated system solutions satisfying the ever-greater need of the defense and aerospace Industry.

System Controls systems are designed to excel even in the harshest environment with a wide spectrum of temperature ranging from –40o C to +70o C and withstand high gale winds, dust storms and monsoon rains.

System Controls boasts about being involved in one of the fastest developed product by a DRDO lab. The Battlefield surveillance radar project has materialized right from concept to design to development to Qualification and Acceptance to mass manufacturing in thousands within a short span of three years. This emphasizes a successful Business model, which enables to offer cost effective high quality solutions without compromising on delivery schedules.

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