Avionics Equipment Manufacturers

Avionics Equipment manufactured by Southern Electronics is through our research and development. Many of them are import substitutes including equipment on-board Aircraft and have been certified for quality, functions and acceptability by the accredited agencies of the Indian Government.

The core competence of the company lies in its ability to offer customised solutions for various requirements in the field of Avionics and Fire Protection. The vast exposure in Digital Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Engineering has given the company strength and ability to take up development and manufacture of a wide spectrum of products.

Southern Electronics is committed to provide solutions to customers instead of just selling products and services. The Company constantly looks for developing Avionics Equipment to meet and exceed its customer expectations.

The Organisation is also committed to provide quality Avionics Equipment at reasonable cost backed by efficient services through its trained engineers.

Providing the most cost effective solution with the use of the best technologies, yet requiring the least resources for maintenance is our skill and we processes the know-how.

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