Gun Boresight Camera Systems

Gun Boresight Camera Systems

Gun Camera Systems (Aligner 211, 221 and 231)

For fast checking of static and dynamic alignment system of guns, Schill's gun camera systems offer the market's most convenient and accurate solution. Schill's gun camera systems are based on the same accurate and reliable video cameras and adapters as the Aligner 224 system. The three models are designed for slightly different applications, e.g. stand-alone or connected to the ships video distribution system. The Aligner 221 even provides video recording on disk and built-in functions for evaluation of tracking performance.

  • For shipboard guns as well as army guns and tanks
  • High resolution and precision
  • Simple and precise installation into the gun barrel in only a few seconds
  • Cameras and adapters self-aligned to the bore - no adjustments necessary
  • Ruggedized and splash proof
  • Mechanically and optically stable over time and temperature

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