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Cable Harnesses

Cable Harnesses

Cable Harnesses & Custom Wiring Harnesses

Promark Electronics designs and builds custom wire harnesses that can withstand the most challenging environments and specifications. Our Value Engineering department is dedicated to finding the right product for each of your applications. Our sole focus is to develop a reliable, cost-effective custom wire harness tailored to your exact needs.

Custom Wiring Harness Services

We can incorporate custom colors in a wire harness, minimizing training time and speeding up installation and maintenance.

We can also embed a logo or text into overmolds on the harness, extending your brand or providing helpful direction for users.

We can provide custom branded cables printed with your name or logo.

We can provide customized cable coding and labelling.

We use dozens of specialized materials to combat environmental hazards or prevent corrosion.

We automate manufacturing whenever possible, including stripping, crimping, labelling and tie-wrapping, to decrease manufacturing time and increase quality control.

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