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Ammunition Freight and Storage Container

Ammunition Freight and Storage Container

Ammunition Freight and Storage Containeris developed and designed for storage and transportation of explosives and weapons. This container will maintain the integrity and characteristics of the items stored. These containers will be made based on high safety norms. It complies to “European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” and “UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods”.

It contains an environmental control unit and dehumidifier unit to automatically regulate temperature and humidity factors. New features are regularly added to ammunition container to enhance their functionality.

Ammunition Freight and Storage Containeralso includes an advanced monitoring system and alarm that immediately reports any malfunction in the operating system through a GSM phone. The optional diesel generator offered for the ammunition container enables it to function autonomously.


  • It contains full infrastructure including dehumidifier unit, ECU, automatic environmental monitoring system and alarm.
  • Diesel generator is optional.
  • Large number in operational service with 4 different armed forces since 2008
  • Full side opening and roller tracks for easy on- and offloading



External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Length 6,058 (0, -6) mm 5,898 (0, -6) mm
Width 2,438 (0, -5) mm 2,352 (0, -5) mm
Height 2,591 (0, -5) mm 2,416 (0, -5) mm

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