Self Tapping Inserts

The self-tapping threaded inserts are single ended cylindrical metal bushings with an internal and external thread and are specially designed to cut their own threads as they are being driven into a drilled hole. These inserts are produced in standard and thin wall configurations with either a single slot or multiple holes providing the thread cutting features. These are suitable for installation into a range of metals and non-metals. The inserts are generally available in case hardened steel, austentic or ferritic stainless steels, special alloyed steels with a finish type yellow chromated, zinc and passivated types as standard parts and other coatings and platings are available upon request.

Application: This is a self-tapping insert for the creation of wear-free, vibration resistant screw joints with high load capacity in materials which are having low shearing strength.

Special Feature: The thread cutting action is performed by the cutting slots on the Ensat Self Tapping Insert. By tapping its own thread, the Self Tapping Insert eliminates the need for pre-tapped holes.

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