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Genesys Aerosystems

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S-TEC 5000 Digital Autopilot

S-TEC 5000 Digital Autopilot

S-TEC 5000 Digital Autopilot

Advanced, digital control for every phase of flight in high-performance jets and turboprops

Maximize the capabilities of your Genesys Aerosystems 3D Synthetic Vision EFIS or other electronic flight instrument system with Area Navigation. Pilots / operators of turboprop and light jet aircraft will appreciate the advanced features that make every phase of flight easier, safer, and more reliable. The S-TEC 5000 digital autopilot helps reduce pilot workload while significantly improving mission efficiency.

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The S-TEC 5000 digital autopilot offers all the capabilities of a top-tier digital flight control system, including:

  • Heading Preselect & Hold PFD Integration

  • Altitude Preselect & Hold w/Autotrim

  • Digital Vertical Speed Command

  • Yaw Damper

  • Course Intercept Capability

  • Dual Mode - HDG/NAV & HDG/APR


  • NAV Flag Warnings

  • Flight Director

  • Pitch Steering

  • Control Wheel Steering

  • GPS Steering (GPSS)

  • Envelope Protection and Alerting

  • Heading Control

  • Vertical Speed Control

  • Indicated Airspeed Control

  • Autopilot Mode Annunciations

  • Voice Annunciations 01 Certification

  • All Axis Trim Control
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