Ultra Short Baseline

The Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) is a method of acoustic positioning in underwater communication. The USBL system basically consists of a transceiver, a transponder and a computer. The EvoLogics USBL system is specially designed for accurate calculation of range and angle from transceiver. Available in a variety of configurations, the USBL system is used for various underwater activities such as deep-sea exploration, ecological research and defense operations. This USBL system is available in a variety of interfaces and is easy to install. The USBL is also easy to maintain highly cost-efficient. All USBL systems are tested by in-house experts to make sure they meet international standards of quality and safety. The EvoLogicals USBL has demonstrated superior quality in underwater communication and this makes it an excellent choice in defense industries. The innovative design of this USBL system is unlike any other available in the industry.

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