Metal Ammunition Belt

Eurolinks is renowned manufacturer of metal ammunition belt. It provides metal ammunition belts for 12.7mm. It produces metal ammunition belts like M2, M9, M15A2 and 12.7 Soviet ammunition links. Metal Ammunition belts are used for weapons such as the M2HB, M85 and DShk HMG - 12.7 Type 54. Few examples of metal ammunition belts and their usage in the weapons are as follows:

  • M9 and M2 links for 12.7mm x 99mm, used in the M2HB, QCB and M3M
  • M15A2 links for 12.7mm x 99mm, used in the M85
  • 12.7 Soviet links for 12.7mm x 107mm, used in the DShk Type 54 12.7mm heavy machine gun

Eurolinks provides us with reliable and durable metal ammunition belts.

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