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Power Transmission Couplings

Power Transmission Couplings

NAX flexible couplings can be used where rotational power transmission is needed, by connecting two rotating shafts. The advantage of the NAX couplings is that they allow the shaft’s ends to have a small deviation (axial-radial-angular) between them.
NAX couplings can operate normally, absorbing all the vibrations caused by the misalignment of the machine shafts. At the same time, we should always try to align the shafts properly, to allow the couplings and specially the  parts of our engine to have a longer life.

Main Advantages of NAX Couplings

  • ​Reduction of  the forces developed at bearings and shafts
  • Smoothing of the torsional shocks
  • Changing the natural frequency
  • Damping the torsional vibrations

Couplings Spare parts / inserts

The torsion is transmitted by the synthetic inserts, which allow a smooth and non-shocking transmission of motion. The materials of the inserts are:

1. Elastomer NBR, which is proof against oils, lubricants, gasoline, and petroleum.

2. Polyamide 12 PA12 inserts can be used in environment temperatures from –30οC to +120οC. We can see the technical characteristics of the inserts in table below.  

​While the torsion is increasing, the inserts are going through compression that results in their temporary deformation. When the torsion stabilizes, the inserts return to their actual form. In this way the inserts act like a spring, and damp any shocks that may occur by the motors, but also help to the reduction of noise.

Custom Couplings on demand

We are able to manufacture special couplings according to your specifications and needs. Couplings for various areas like Shipping, Agriculture, General Industry.

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