ADVANTECH Wireless Inc

ADVANTECH Wireless Inc

16715 Hymus Blvd. Kirkland, QC Canada H9H 5M8

1-5 Meter Vehicle-Mount VSAT Antenna

1-5 Meter Vehicle-Mount VSAT Antenna

1.5 Meter Vehicle-Mount VSAT Antenna


  • VSAT or Broadcast Configuration

  • Integrated Auto Locate Controller with Manual Override

  • Auto Locate and Peak Features along with Handheld Control Unit

  • Carbon Fiber Reflector

  • Handcranks Included

  • Low Profile and Space-Optimizing Stowed Configuration

  • Designed for Boom Mounted Single Thread Integration Packages up to 35 lbs

  • Affordable SNG Applications

  • Intelsat / FCC Compliant

  • C Band and X Band Capable

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