Turkish Military To Buy Six General-Purpose Aircraft

23 June 2016

Turkey’s defense procurement bureau, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM in its Turkish acronym), has launched an international competition for the acquisition of a batch of six general-purpose aircraft.

SSM on June 21 released a Request for Proposal (RfP) which officially initiated the bidding process.

SSM said that potential bidders should reply to its Aircraft Department and Integration Projects Group Directorate to obtain the terms of the RfP no later than 15:00 hours local time on Aug. 19. The office warned that those producers that have not purchased the solicitation document will not be allowed to bid.

The procurement office defined the planned mission of the general-purpose aircraft as “transporting personnel and cargo and airdrop.” The planes will be operated by the Turkish Air Force.

Procurement officials say they expect to see a race involving several international manufacturers.

“The planned aircraft should have features similar to a CASA-295,” one official said.

He said that the selected manufacturer will be expected to subcontract as much work as possible to Turkey’s local industry.

Aerospace industry sources say Tusas Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) would likely play a primary role as likely local prime contractor.

They say potential bidders will include manufacturers from the United States, Europe, Ukraine and China.

The program will cost the Turkish government anywhere between $100 million and $150 million, sources say.


Source : defensenews.com