Sweden Awards BAE Systems $ 500 Million Contract for Additional 48 ARCHER Artillery Systems

14 September 2023

BAE Systems has secured a substantial contract, valued at around $500 million, with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to provide 48 cutting-edge ARCHER artillery systems to the Swedish Army.

The ARCHER mobile artillery system, a product of BAE Systems Bofors in Sweden, is already in active service within the Swedish Army and has demonstrated exceptional technical and manufacturing readiness. Under this contract, the 48 new systems will be constructed on the robust Rheinmetall MAN military vehicle, the RMMV HX2 8x8, with the initial deliveries scheduled for 2025.

Lena Gillström, President of BAE Systems Bofors, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, "This important milestone establishes ARCHER as the basis of the Swedish Army’s new divisional artillery forces." She also highlighted the collaborative efforts between BAE Systems Bofors and Sweden in advancing the ARCHER system, positioning it as one of the most advanced wheeled 155mm howitzers globally.

The ARCHER artillery system boasts an impressive range, capable of firing the BONUS anti-armor munition up to 35km, conventional munitions up to 40km, and the precision-guided munition Excalibur beyond 50km. Its automated magazines can accommodate a versatile mix of ammunition types and modular charges, ensuring flexibility to support a wide range of missions.

Notably, besides the Swedish Army, the United Kingdom has chosen the ARCHER for its interim artillery needs. Sweden has also contributed ARCHER systems to Ukraine, and the system has emerged as a strong contender in Switzerland's procurement process for new artillery systems.