Saab And Avioniq Awareness Sweden Teaming To Market Rattlesnake Threat Evaluation

24 January 2018

Defence and security company Saab and Avioniq Awareness Sweden AB are teaming to jointly promote Avioniq’s innovative threat evaluation system, Rattlesnake, with Saab’s offering of Air and Airborne Command and Control Systems.

Saab’s range of products for Air and Airborne Command and Control, including 9Air and 9Airborne, are the fully scalable systems of preference to take Air Warfare information superiority to a higher level, providing superior tactical capabilities and outstanding operational support, control for all missions, air forces and operations. They provide the situational awareness and communications that operators need to make the right choices, and to act on them swiftly and effectively.

Avioniq’s Rattlesnake product is an innovative real-time BVR (beyond visual range) threat analysis engine, providing fighter controllers with the means of being effective while keeping planes and pilot out of harm’s way.

“Working with Saab and 9Air/9Airborne allows Rattlesnake to operate on the best possible recognized air picture, thus supporting the pilot in an unprecedented way” said Mikael Grev, Swedish Air Force Gripen pilot (ret’d) and CEO of Avioniq.

“Integrating Rattlesnake into the already strong 9Air/9Airborne offering gives Saab’s Air C2 customers an edge not given to any fighter controller ever before” said Joachim Hammersland, Head of Combat Systems and C4I Solutions at Saab Surveillance.