Lockheed Martin to provide spares for Saudi F-15s

8 December 2016

Lockheed Martin has received a $67 million contract from the U.S. Air Force to deliver spare parts for the Royal Saudi Air Force's F-15 fighters.

The agreement covers parts for Infrared Search and Track systems, Sniper Advanced Targeting Pods, and LANTIRN Extended Range navigation pods. Work on the contract is to be performed at the company's facilities in Orlando and Ocala, Fla., and Santa Barbara, Calif.

"Our sustainment operations ensure critical availability and performance rates for the RSAF's suite of LANTIRN ER, IRST and Sniper ATP systems," Lockheed Martin fire control official Paul Lemmo said in a press release. "Spares production will continue these efforts, successfully maintaining the sensor suite for years to come."

The F-15 Strike Eagle is a twin-engine fighter used in multiple combat roles by the Royal Saudi Air Force, including targeted strike missions, reconnaissance, and air-to-air engagements. The aircraft has also been sold to the armed forces of Israel, Japan, and South Korea.

Lockheed Martin has been providing sensor systems for the kingdom's Boeing-made fleet since 1996. Deliveries for the contract are expected to begin in 2018.