Defence Intelligence Russia Aims At Seizing Ukraine's Southern Regions

28 April 2016

So called paratroopers' drills unfold close to the administrative border. Russia is elaborating the invasion of southern Ukrainian continental territories. As Ukraine's Defence Ministry reported, Russian military troops are currently conducting so called drills on the occupied Crimean peninsula.

"Russian soldiers have been noticed close to Dzhankoy in northern Crimea. During the exercise, the soldiers attempt the seizure of strategically important objects since the geographical conditions precisely correspond to the environment of Kherson and Mykolayiv regions which is southern Ukraine," stated Ukraine's Defence Intelligence. They also added the Russian paratroopers tried out parachute landing for further capturing and detaining the imaginary enemies.

Earlier in April 400 Russian soldiers reportedly landed in temporarily occupied Crimea, close to the Ukrainian administrative border. Ukraine's Defence Intelligence insists Russia continues aggressive provocations to increase political tension.


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