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Broadband Propagation has been designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of antenna products from MF to Microwave since 1990.

The Company’s range includes Military Antennas, Base Station, Mobile, HF, VHF, and UHF Antennas. In addition to this we design and manufacture antenna arrays for Weather Profiling, Ionospheric Sounding and Meteor Detection.

We also design antennas for your specific needs or take your antenna concept through all stages to realization and manufacture, including modeling, mechanical design, proto-typing and testing.

Our company was instrumental in the conceptualization and development of the Robinson-Barnes, (BPA) Broadband HF antenna range. This antenna represents a significant breakthrough in compact wire, base antenna design and is increasingly replacing older, less efficient and bulkier HF base antennas. Thousands of these antennas are sold to Military, Para Military, and other professional organizations world wide.

The BPA range is suited to medium and long range sky-wave as well as NVIS (short range) communications and is the world leader in compact HF broadband design. It is proudly an original Australian Invention.

Our communications and military antennas are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide approximately 90% of our total turnover is from exported products

Military Antennas


Included in our range of antennas are a number of products for use In Military and Para-Military applications, including base, vehicle and tactical/ man-pack.

We also provide short-run, equipment replacement solutions to enable existing communication systems to remain operational when original manufacturers discontinue product lines.

Military Communication Antennas

HF antennas, VHF antennas, UHF Base, Vehicle, Tactical and Man-pack Antennas

HF Antennas


HF Antennas product range covers base, vehicle-mounted, tactical and man-pack radio systems. Our premier product range is the Robinson-Barnes series of HF, broadband antennas available in Power ratings up to 5 KW. Also included are full-efficiency (unloaded) Log Periodics, Biconical Monopoles and Biconical Dipoles.



Broadband, full VHF ANTENNAS spectrum, vehicle whips and rugged Nato/ US style base mounts are offered as well as Log Periodic, Yagi, Bicone and tactical/ Man-pack models.



Our UHF range covers Discones and Monopoles in the ground-air frequency spectrum, in addition to the high-gain, narrow beam width antennas for radio relay (band 1, 2 & 3) links.

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