airforce / production test equipment

Production and test equipment are used in the Air Force industry for analyzing aircraft components including power, electrical and electronic components in aircraft panels, starters, CSDs, IDGs, generators, fans, actuators and valves; gear boxes, pumps, transmissions, cylinders, electronic cooling systems and fuel nozzles; and control units, valves, oil coolers, GCUs, bus protection panels, temperature controls, power supplies and static inverters.

These test beds are equipped with Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) for storing and analyzing test results. Some of the hardware and software used for data acquisition are National Instruments (hardware), LABVIEW (software) and ADAS.

Test equipment manufacturers also provide services need for upgrading production test equipment, including survey of sensor, data acquisition, transducer obsolescence and control hardware obsolescence, planning for next-generation sensor and hardware requirements, integration of new data acquisition and control, installation and commissioning of hardware, test program software development, correlation, qualification, and commissioning, and training and support plan.

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