airforce / nbc life support equipment flight suits

Life Support Equipment is an integral component of an Air Force pilot’s protection and emergency. Life support equipment is manufactured after careful analysis of required factors such as configuration, role and operating environment, crash protection, and ensemble integration.

The Air Force doesn’t require set standards in the design of LSE because the equipment needs to be malleable and customizable. Flight suits such as the G Suit, and ballistic protection, breathing devices, eye and face protection, Laser protection, floatation equipment, head protection, hearing protection, rescue packs, restraint systems, survival aids, thermal protection, and vision enhancement are manufactured by various companies.

Nuclear Biological and Chemical or NBC equipment are also used by the military to counter biochemical warfare and enter hazardous zones.

Some of the NBC equipment used by the Air Force is CBRN gloves and boots, gas detection systems, chemical protective clothing, biochemical agent detectors, radiation measurement instruments, air purification masks, etc.