Department of defense industry prepares to change the budget

The financial budget plan for defense industry in 2013 is considering increase compared to previous. This is including technology and cyber security parts also. According to that the bill has been for budget has made with security measures.

The department of defense industry prepares to implements the security measures in budget and defense industry requires paying close attention on defending network and data which is renewed by department. The officials from industry and insiders are focusing more on to this aspect.

Cyber is became an essential one for the nation and it requires everywhere in defense programs other than department of defense industry. Most treasured assets are in defense industrial base and should consider as force structure part. So, in the normal business and its operations, cyber has its role of importance and stands forefront to protect the data which is most important and essential.

The cyber security demand might not sound new for the industry of defense but the necessity happening to discuss about cyber security demand is because of the officials and president of department of defense industry going to put alongside about improve funding in cyber measures. They are preparing to cut spending wherever possible and these concerns are coming front to the both public and private sectors.

The most important aspect for defense industry has to shift their focus on prioritizing cyber security and other IT services involved. This will fetch predominant change in workforce and it is not an easier one. Another masking aspect here observed is workforce character which is hard to say that it has impact of budget. The present problem we have is supply and demand for science, engineering, mathematics and technical force. For supply equation, we have huge demand and it is for long-term and it is obvious that it has bigger than defense. This becomes critical question to the industry of defense because of its demographics and technology transformations.

The other challenge for the defense industry to focus is on defining cyber and after that meet the new requirement with the services with tailored technology.

There is a meaningful definition for the cyber which actually represents. There was a 3.5 billion dollars scope for the cyber in industry but this should treat as huge market than that. It is very clear that it is going to become a trend and the hard part is from outside to get arms around the real market is. The size for the market and the pace of the market as its growth is the one which come to define it.