Vehicle-Mounted Intelligence in Army Combat Vehicles

What else an army vehicle need to combat in the battle field when it is being mounted by the artificial intelligence and the equipment supporting the commands of the intelligence. The vehicle mounted intelligence information support system consists of a modified rigid wall shelters, mounted on a heavy high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) used in combination with a tent extension. The whole system would be generator mounted in a tunnel.

A Special Operations Forces Intelligence Vehicle (SOF IV) from Federation of American Scientists (FAS) is a tactical intelligence processing and analysis system that can extend to the JDISS-SOCRATES capabilities to the tactical level. This has an approval as a DOD migration system with an inventory objective of 12 systems. The program period is 5-year and is intended to produce modular and scalable network architecture for special forces intelligence units. While, a typical SOFIV system includes a HMMWV with a piggyback SICPS shelter, with applications servers and communications systems and 4-8 Sparc20 desktop or laptop workstations connected to the shelter via a fiber-optic LAN. SOFIV provides deployable intelligence support for SOF missions such as Foreign Internal Defense, Security Assistance, Humanitarian Assistance, Unconventional Warfare, Search and Rescue, Direct Action, Counternarcotics, and Anti-Terrorism.

Capabilities of SOF IV

  • A self-contained, deployable, automated multi-discipline intelligence system that can support the full spectrum of operational intelligence for mission planning and execution.
  • A migration system using as a non-developmental item commercial-off-the-shelf and government-off-the-shelf hardware and software.
  • To process unfinished information into usable intelligence with the same functionality and capabilities as in garrison operations.
  • SOF IV allows SOF to access the extensive data bases already developed to support operations against likely targets, as well as to quickly develop and tailor new databases in response to unexpected threats.
  • SOF tactical intelligence analysts with a deployable version of Special Operations Command Research, Analysis and Threat Analysis System (SOCRATES).
  • Allows intelligence personnel to receive process and manipulate unfinished near-real-time intelligence information, intelligence products, as well as information resident in a variety of national/theater intelligence databases to produce an overall product tailored to the supported commander's essential elements of information.
  • Provides rapid dissemination of the finished product.

The SOF IV is powered by a 10 kw generator mounted in a tunnel in the shelter. The ECU, mounted on the front of the shelter, supplies 14000 BTU of heat and 21000 BTU of cooling. The tent extension unit houses four computer workstations connected by LAN to communications and data base servers located inside the shelter.

The latest systems equipped with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, which sense directly outside the vehicle in real time. A single viewer can be targeted with all the displays in the vehicle. The tactical information will be received by one person who is in command and control centre for all combatants.

Generally, devices and hardware associated with artificial intelligence are sensitive and handled with care. However, the technology, the product designing and the customization led the military industry to have vehicle mount intelligence for all kinds of environments and manufacturers are on the verge to exploit this area of market.

Equipment for environmental adjustments

Vehicle Mount Intelligence for different environments needs to have resistance towards all sorts of environment and circumstances. A wide range of vehicle mount computers and systems have evolved in the recent times. One best example is video & data recording, streaming, and processing Datatoys bullet cameras, video recorders and video processors.

Rugged Cameras

Datatoys rugged cameras are high resolution, rugged, and the E600 bullet cameras are ideal for military use. The E600 is one of the only bullet style cameras to be ruggedized specifically for high vibration and shock, with a double reinforced cable, potted electronics, and reinforced optic filter. It is a waterproof device to 60ft and 100% dust proof holding an IP68 rating, and approved for permanent outdoor use in the harshest of environments.

Another commercial off-the-shelf solution is the Ultimate Digital Video Platform (UDVP) that offers a wide range of features and modules for unmatched versatility. The UDVP-Pro is currently in use in Maritime, Airborne, and Ground operations by US and allied militaries and can record standard or high definition video simultaneously to recording data such as GPS. The device is also capable of stream video over Ethernet or WiFi. Processing capabilities such as picture-in-picture, and text overlay add unmatched performance in such a small device.

Currently and an on going basis, defence market has a requirement of this equipment. However, the amalgamation of a set of equipment and solutions is possible with different manufacturers alliance and producing required products.