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Zotefoams plc

Croydon, Surrey CR9 3AL England, United Kingdom

AboutZotefoams plc

Zotefoams plc is the world's leading manufacturer of light weight, cross-linked, closed cell, and block foams. These pure, consistent, low-stress foams are produced using a unique, nitrogen expansion technology. The Company was the first to develop crosslinked, polyethylene foams and increasingly, the production technology is being used to manufacture higher performance foams based on advanced polymers and engineering thermoplastics.

Military Foam

In Military environments protective foam cushioning must withstand repeated abuse and still be able to perform its intended function. The physical performance of Azote Military Foam and its repeatability depends on its density along with its cell size, structure and consistency. The majority of Defence Standards acknowledge by specifying density specifically and starting with the premise that Military Foam “shall have a uniform closed cell structure.

Military Spec Foam

Zotefoams produces and releases Military Spec Foams virtually to the Defence standard Specifications. Against DStan 81-116/3, (Grades A, B & C) the Company produces polyethylene foams for general purpose packaging and to meet DStan 81-116/3 Type QX (Grades A, B & C) the Company produces polyethylene foams for explosives compatible packaging. DStan 81-125/3 is the MOD specification for conductive foams while, DStan 93-117 lays out the requirements for static dissipative foams. Zotefoams manufactures grades that meet both these requirements. DStan 93-101/3 details the MOD’s requirements for foams manufactured from high-density polyethylene. These more rigid materials are used extensively for military helmet liners. Zotefoams supplies a Plastazote HD grade to meet this requirement.

Lightweight Foam

Azote Lightweight Foams exhibit high strength to weight ratios and have outstanding physical characteristics.  Manufactured by Zotefoams, using its unique Nitrogen expansion technology, Lightweight foams possess outstanding fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) characteristics and are believed to be the first thermoformable foams to comply with FAR 25.856(a)… the stringent radiant panel test requirement. ZOTEK® F Foams also exhibit low outgassing, low water absorption, excellent chemical, and temperature and UV resistance and have BMS 8-371D, NATO and NASA, OEM approvals.

Closed Cell Foam

Azote Closed cell foams are used extensively in packaging applications to provide lightweight protection and impact resistance. Zotefoams unique nitrogen saturation manufacturing technology produces Closed Cell Foams with an outstanding combination of physical characteristics unmatched by foams produced with other expansion technologies. Closed Cell Foams have a higher strength to weight ratio than most other foams enabling lighter grades to be used and thinner protection to be utilised.

The outstanding purity of Azote Closed Cell Foams ensures that they are non-staining and will not harbour microbial growth and will not cause corrosion. These features make them a natural choice for many returnable transit packaging applications.

Packaging Foam

The regular cell size of Packaging Foams makes them highly energy absorbent... ideal materials for protective packaging. Packaging Foam is inert, lightweight, UV stable, flexible, tough and resilient and exhibit outstanding resistance to chemicals and water. Packaging Foam is highly pure, will not cause corrosion or staining and is safe to use for the transit and archival storage of antiquities and works of art.

Conductive Foam

Zotefoams plc has a range of conductive Foams and the product range is suitable for packaging and handling of devices that are sensitive to electrostatic discharges. Azote Conductive Foam materials are intended for general conductive packaging and for conductive mats in electronic assembly and clean room areas.