Marshall Medical Vehicles

When stationed in hostile environments, be it on the battlefield or at the site of a humanitarian crisis, medical attendants rely on specialized ambulance systems to provide all the necessary equipment that will allow them to perform life-saving actions while their casualties are evacuated quickly and safely from the danger site.

Deployable CT Scanner

A young soldier is injured by an improvised explosive device whilst on patrol in the Arghandab Valley. He is alive but bleeding badly from a gaping wound on his left side. He is quickly evacuated by helicopter to the nearest military field hospital. The initial assessment of his injuries highlights multiple unstable fractures to the femur, severe soft tissue and vascular injury, plus a cluster of shrapnel in his thigh. He lies on the gurney in the trauma bay, while doctors decide on the fate of his leg.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group and Nodin Aviation develop quick-change MEDEVAC role conversions for the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Following an agreement between Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and the Norwegian Armed Forces, Nodin Aviation won a contract from the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) to design a six-configuration MEDEVAC role change kit that could convert an SAS Boeing 737 passenger jet into a medical evacuation platform within a matter of hours.