Spring - Loaded Connectors

PRECI-DIP spring-loaded contacts are made of a contact body or barrel, a piston and an helical compression spring. The electrical contact is established by the pressure against a fixed, flat area called the pad connector.

Press-Fit Technology

Press-fit technology, which has been around for some 25 years now, is a solderless connection method. It consists in force fitting an oversized contact pin into the plated through hole of a printed circuit board (PCB). The high radial pressure produces a deformation, resulting in a gas-tight electrical connection of high quality.

Mil /Aero Applications With Patented Reversed Clip Technology

The contact consists of three parts, separately manufactured and made of different base materials. This design allows to optimise the performance and to select the most appropriate production process individually:

Product information Ip0003

PRECI-DIP  is  proud  to  present  a  new  type  of  contact  suitable  for  high  current  capacity applications. The use of high-conductive Copper alloys for screw-machined contacts using the clip technology enable a reduction of the electrical resistance by approximately 40% with the same space requirement. Product features such as separate electroplating are all maintained.

Product information Ip0004

PRECI-DIP is since a long time well established in the telecommunication market. We have developed numerous products for all kind of telecom applications. In this fast moving market, requirements are constantly changing. One of the trends in this market is the miniaturization of the components.

Board-to-board 3-way springloaded Connector used as an Rf interface

Low profile 3-way spring-loaded connector with limited board spacing. This connector is connecting two printed circuit boards with three 3.5mm height spring-loaded contacts. Maximum stroke is 1.0mm. Product is supplied in tape and reel packaging. The challenge was to replace a fragile stamped and formed coax connector with a very low profile high reliable connector and uses minimal space.

SMD socket and pin connectors, parallel mount

Low profile surface mount socket and pin connectors for parallel mounting. The number of contacts for each connector is from 2 to 10 poles. This pair of connectors is an optimal solution to connect and stack printed circuit boards. Both carriers are made of high temperature plastic and maintain the contacts in place during the soldering operation.