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For almost five decades, ESG has been one of the leading German companies for the development, integration and operation of electronic and IT systems. As an independent technology and process partner we provide high quality services in system and software development, logistics, training and consultancy for our military, public authority and industrial customers. We deliver qualified solutions in the areas of aviation, military logistics, vetronics and naval systems, IT and communications, automotive, traffic and transport, industrial goods and commercial vehicles.

TARANIS Network Enabled Solution Suite

Improve your situational awareness and accelerate your decision-making processes with the TARANIS® Network-Enabled Solution Suite. From single soldiers to the homeland, TARANIS® command & control systems are tailored to support all command levels.

TARANIS Theatre Higher Command Levels

TARANIS® Theatre is ESG’s solution for higher command levels. It is intended for use both in stationary command posts in the homeland as well as in mobile command posts in operation areas and ensures a seamless connection to command levels in NATO and allied forces.

TARANIS Soldier Highly Mobile Command & Control System

TARANIS® Soldier is ESG’s solution for lower tactical command levels in highly mobile operations. It is intended for use by individual soldiers in mission areas and provides a seamless connection to the next command level.

TARANIS Battlefield Mobile Command & Control System

TARANIS® Battlefield is ESG’s tactical command & control system for middle military command levels. Thanks to its flexible configuration options, it can be used not just in mobile command posts but also in vehicles. TARANIS® Battlefield is configured according to your specifications. The core system is expanded with the right modules to meet your needs.