Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group and Nodin Aviation develop quick-change MEDEVAC role conversions for the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Following an agreement between Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and the Norwegian Armed Forces, Nodin Aviation won a contract from the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) to design a six-configuration MEDEVAC role change kit that could convert an SAS Boeing 737 passenger jet into a medical evacuation platform within a matter of hours.

Making the Difference

A young soldier is injured by an improvised explosive device whilst on patrol in the Arghandab Valley. He is alive but bleeding badly from a gaping wound on his left side. He is quickly evacuated by helicopter to the nearest military field hospital.

Best in Class Medical Treatment Facilities

Recent military operations have demonstrated the need for medical treatment facilities to have both an expeditionary capability to support interventions and an enduring capability to support continuation operations.

Forensic Solutions – M3F

The success of forensics and exploitation activity in support of military, disaster relief or humanitarian operations relies on quick and forensically-sound collection, analysis and management of evidence.

Military Medical Solutions Making a Difference

Medical support to military and humanitarian operations has a unique profile. The subject is emotive, public and affects a nation’s willingness and ability to undertake such operations.

High Mobility G270

The G270 High Mobility vehicle includes all the excellent properties from the previous G-class models. A strong engine along with the automatic gearbox performs extremely well in difficult terrain.

High Mobility Land Cruiser 200

The Land Cruiser 200 is a modern, comfortable high capacity vehicle with a large variety of usage. The internal space offers good comfort and work space for many kinds of operations.

MEDEVAC based on the Toyota LC 78

The Toyota Land Cruiser 78 is a rigid, framed vehicle, with a long history from operations in difficult terrain. The applied technology is a highly esteemed asset on vehicles operating where infrastructure is missing.


Approved for aerial evacuation enables patient to be transported throughout the chain, from land vehicles to aircraft, on the same stretcher without having to be repositioned to another stretcher.

NODIN Tiltable Stretcher Stand, Foldable (TSS)

The main characteristic feature of the TSS is its compliance with NATO Stretchers and its ease of repositioning the patient into multiple angels. The TSS, Although folable and lightweight, is, due to its construction, able to fully secure a NATO STANG 2040 stretcher while positioning the patient in multiple angles both head up and head down.

NorLense High Pressure Inflatable Tents

The NorLense Swift tents are specially designed to meet the tough demands of mobility and comfort in all climates. This tent type is developed in close cooperation with The Norwegian Armed Forces and is in daily use in numerous operations.

BST50 PNG Base Station

The PNG base station is the heart of the system and shall be installed in the aircraft, and connected to the aircraft wired ICS. The base station supports multiple audio connections, both through analogue interfaces and digital audio interfaces.

CHG50/55 PNG Charger

The MP50 is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. For recharging AXNES offers two different charger types. Both chargers are cradle type chargers, one table charger for off aircraft use, the other for airborne use.

MP50 PNG Transceiver

The MP50 is the high-end transceiver of the Polycon Next Generation (PNG) wireless intercom system. MP50 has HEMS, SAR, CSAR and special mission operations in mind.

CP50 PNG Control Panel

AXNES offers a dedicated control panel to operate the PNG base station in an easy and simple way. The control panel is designed to a DZUS 146mm mechanical format, five height units, to be installed on the flight deck or in the cabin such as by the hoist operators mission station.

MRE INFU Plus - Temperature insulation cover and pressurizer for IV liquid

INFU Plus is manufactured by Medical Rescue Equipment (MRE) Holding AS. INFU Plus bears the CE marking and complies with the provisions of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC

MRE INFU Box - Temperature regulation box for IV liquids

INFU Box is manufactured by Medical Rescue Equipment (MRE) Holding AS. INFU Box bears the CE marking and complies with the provisions of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and harmonized standards of the directive.