Company : Noptel Oy

Category : Training and Simulation

Outdoors Training

Furthermore, the system can be used for advanced training in a shooting range up to 300 m. In advanced training, the targets are often normal size marksmanship targets. In more advanced training each shooter can have one or more electronic targets at varying distances. In the field the shooter can train manoeuvering and situational skills with a buddy pair or within a group.

Outdoor range training, 50-150 m

  • Normal shooting distances
  • Environmental adaptation
  • Multiple targets
  • Real size military targets
  • Timed targets, multiple targets
  • Reactive shooting
  • Dry firing or blanks

Maneuver training, 7 - 75 m

  • Timed targets, multiple targets
  • Rapid shooting, reactive shooting
  • Shooting on the move
  • Buddy pair training, squad training
  • Blanks

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