Company : Noptel Oy

Category : Training and Simulation

Noptel Expert

The Noptel Expert is an optical multi-functional shooting training device, which is used for shooting skills training. It is used indoors with scaled-down targets and simulated shooting distances, or outdoors with life-size targets and real shooting distances.

It measures rifle movement, identifies the shot, shows the location of both the hit and miss, and analyzes the performance of the shooter. It can be mounted onto most rifles, either to the barrel or the Picatinny rail. The NOS Pro application runs on standard Windows PC as well as in Windows Tablet PC, connected via USB or Bluetooth.


  • Ready to use in minutes by any shooter
  • Fully portable
  • Training anywhere and anytime
  • Wireless operation
  • Rugged construction
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Passive and active targets

The Noptel Expert is used in:

  • Military training centres
  • Military bases
  • Military schools
  • Police training centres
  • Police stations
  • Special Forces
  • Security training centers

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