NorLense Shelter Solution

NorLense offer a wide range of inflatable tents.

The NorLense Swift tents are specially designed to meet the tough demands of mobility and comfort in all climates. This tent type is developed in close co-operation with the Norwegian Armed Forces and is in daily use in numerous operations. Combining low weight and perfect indoor climate, Swift tents are well suited for personnel who require quick deployment or long term establishment of camps.

NorLense is NS-ISO 9001:2008 & NS-EN ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Key features of the Swift tents:

  • High pressure technology (6-8 bar/87-166 PSI)
  • Single point inflated with no need for constant air supply
  • High mobility
  • Designed for applications in any climate
  • Quick and an easy setup with minimum personnel
  • Tent connections to form larger units
  • Minimum maintenance & long durability

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