NODIN Aviation

NODIN Aviation is dedicated to developing and delivering equipment and concepts for safe patient transport and treatment throughout the chain of evacuation.

NODIN supports customers in developing rapid MEDEVAC capacity on existing platforms in the Air, Land and Sea domains, by offering dedicated Role Equipment.

NODIN Aviation is assisting customers in creating and maintaining a strong patient evacuation chain.

Our CASEVAC kit can be rapidly erected on any platform. It is shock and vibration damped, for maximum protection- including C-IED and mine blasts. The NATO stretcher is foldable and designed to be used seamlessly across air, land and sea platforms.

We can design bespoke solutions for MEDEVAC, exemplified by the Marshall ADG/NODIN Boeing 737 Air Evacuation unit used by the Norwegian Defence, rapidly converted from a commercial to a well equipped medical aircraft.

We focus on developing first response capability to get patients under proper treatment within the “golden hour”.

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