Medical Rescue Equipment

Medical Rescue Equipment offers a system for saving soldiers on the front line from the dangers of blood loss and hypothermia.

The INFU Box and INFU Plus ensure infusion of temperature controlled fluid on the front line.

The INFU Box is installed in a front line vehicle, storing the fluid at the right temperature, close to the point of injury.

The infusion fluid can then rapidly be inserted into the INFU Plus.

The INFU Plus will keep the fluid at the right temperature whilst carried by dismounted personnel.

The INFU Plus transfers fluid to the patient using the built in pump. Strapped to the patient, INFU Plus allows the fellow soldier to drag the patient out of harm’s way.

INFU Box has been developed with support from the US Department of Defence, and both systems have been successfully tested and used by Special Forces in Afghanistan and in homeland operations.

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