Thermo-Physiological Properties Of Textile Materials

Thermo-Physiological Properties Of Textile Materials

To determine the thermo-physiological quality of textile materials, the Hohenstein skin model simulates the way the skin emits heat and moisture. The measurements supply precise data on thermal insulation and moisture transport resistance, perspiration transport, sweat buffering, and drying time, etc.

 Material Thermal Insulation Testing

The thermal insulation of made-up goods, such as combat uniforms, immersion suits, cold protective clothing and sleeping bags can be measured with the help of the Hohenstein developed thermal manikins, which can be electrically heated to characteristic temperature gradients at man's body surface.

To provide for realistic testing the most varied of environments can be created in the climate chambers at the Hohenstein Institute. A precipitation system can be used to create rain of a wide-range of intensities, and a warm wall simulates intense sunshine or heat. A wind machine delivers wind speeds up to 10 m/s.

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