With dimensions of 12x20 cm and weight of 1.8 kg, the SPYNEL-M is a cost-effective, rugged, and compact solution for wide area surveillance, taking advantage of HGH's fifteen years of expertise in major security projects. It has a high-resolution panoramic thermal camera with infrared radar. Continuously capturing complete 360-degree infrared images every second by providing real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats including hardly detectable targets such as UAV’s, RHIB’s, or crawling men.

One single SPYNEL-M sensor is able to perform 24/7 early human intrusion alerts over a 1.5 km-diameter area and can replace up to 16 traditional cameras over 360 degrees. Easy to transport that can be quickly deployed on a light mast or fixed atop a building for superior wide area surveillance. Consumes only 5 watts of power, this can be operated with solar or alternate power supply systems to allow in a remote operation. The system requires no additional light source unlike radar. It is completely passive without jamming. The new sensor benefits from HGH intuitive advanced intrusion detection software, Cyclopes, helping to detect at any point of time.

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