Infrastructure Protection

The Infrastructure Protection consists of Forced Entry Protection, Intrusion Protection, and VIP Segment. The forced entry protection belongs to Community Areas, Hospitals, Hotels, Banks; Airports ACM has remained committed to using cutting edge technologies to combat the ever changing threat to law enforcement, military and corrections personnel. ACM has developed Non glass-glass clear polymer composite flat/curved panels, which can withstand even a car crash in the form of terror strike etc. These panels give ethnic look of glass without obstructing the visibility, clarity and architectural beauty of structure. The intrusion protection is of Electronic Surveillance, Counter Measures With total Synergy. VIP Segment refers to Residence, Office, Conference and Assembling Halls, Rest House, VIP Lounges ACM is known for its commitment to maintain customer service standards through superior Technical Assistance and better communication system. ACM provides a turnkey solution of bullet cum blast resistant protection for above mentioned areas with GLASS, STEEL and COMPOSITES as per the requirement of the area without compromising ethnic and architectural beauty of structure. ACM provides economical solution in the form of reinforced doors, windows, glasses, locks, walls, roof etc.

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Anti Riot Equipment

Extreme Climate Protection

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