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Elistair Announces Launch of ORION UAS

Elistair Announces Launch of ORION UAS

Elistair announced the launch of ORION UAS, the next generation of tethered drone systems. ORION UAS can achieve the most demanding missions for law enforcement, private and public safety, national security, assets protection or emergency communications and crisis management as it has been designed for semi-persistent aerial surveillance and telecommunications needs.

Orion is absolutely integrated for persistent aerial surveillance. It is the secured tethered drone in the market because of its powerful camera and strong industrial components. ORION UAS is built with robust industrial components and it is fully designed for extended flight times.

It integrates Elistair’s patented micro- tether system Safe-T and ensures a secured and continuous power supply from the ground. Orion has been engineered to continue extensive flight times in demanding environments as it has been included with high-grade industrial motors and multiple redundancies including autopilot sensors, motorization, power distribution, logical controls, and an emergency parachute system.

The structure of the ORION drone is designed to maintain fierce winds with a maximum stability for its size-factor. ORION UAS has X30 optical zoom feature and helps to detect a moving person over kilometers.

Included with Flir and Sony leading industrial sensors, interference-free data transmission technology, ORION UAS camera is the ultimate solution for persistent aerial surveillance.

ORION UAS integrates redundancies and smart emergency procedures at every level allowing focus on your mission and on the data, while drastically reducing the risks for human mistakes. It is the most robust and secured tethered drone in the market.

This drone can be assembled and deployed in few minutes and it is designed with the modular structure.

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