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Innovation lights the way for exhibiting companies at ITEC 2015

Thursday, Apr 30, 2015

Now in its 26th year, ITEC is the leading forum for the display of new training capabilities and this year's exhibition includes more than 100 exhibitors from 21 countries of which 14 are new or returning companies to the show. Visitors and delegates at ITEC 2015, which takes place from 28-30 April at the PVA Expo in Prague, have seen a wide range of new products, services and innovation on the show floor from exhibitors such as Windoor, Alenia Aermacchi, MJ Impulse and Esterline Simulation Visual Systems.

Making its debut, Windoor, based on the Costa Brava in Spain, is home to the largest skydiving centre in Europe and the company promoted its unique wind tunnel capability - making it a first for the ITEC event.

The wind tunnel is a freefall simulator made of glass and steel that stands at 14m tall, with a diameter of 4.5m that can comfortably fly four people simultaneously. The power is generated by 4 x 350 kW turbine wind fans that have a maximum speed of 275 kmph. The flight chamber has all-glass walls at ground level and a fully integrated camera system for instant debriefing. The 225 kmph winds generated inside the tunnel simulate the sensation of freefall allowing flyers to practice freefall manoeuvres, learning all aspects of body flight. It reduces the risk of injuries, maximises the training time and is a cost-effective and intelligent way to prepare valuable military personnel for freefall.

Alenia Aermacchi presented its M-345 Ground-Based Training Demonstrator Device (GDD) for the first time. The M-345 GDD is an advanced flight simulator which represents the flight qualities of the Alenia Aermacchi M-345 High Efficiency Trainer (HET) aircraft, offering a replica of the cockpit and the main flight controls of the aircraft. The ground-based training system, which includes aircraft flight and systems simulators and computer-based training devices, is a key component of the new M-345 HET "Integrated Training System".

The M-345 HET provides air forces with an economically affordable and effective solution, thanks to a significant reduction in acquisition and life-cycle costs, compared to those of powerful turboprop trainer aircraft, which offer lower performance and lower training effectiveness, despite being in the same weight class and in some cases equipped with similar top of the line on-board systems.

Another new company, MJ Impulse, showcased its Black Box which is a targetry and hand-to-hand combat dual-sensory training device for military and law enforcement bodies. The system's main benefits include improved visual acuity, hand to eye co-ordination, peripheral and situational awareness, threat identification, improved response to Body Alarm Reaction (BAR) and enhanced audio discrimination. The system is used with existing training programmes and simulators.

"MJ is the only dual-sensory training system currently on the market. We've been pleased to highlight our innovative technology here at ITEC 2015. We've been impressed with the many visitors to our stand and the wide variety of international military and security forces and industry personnel, many of whom we've had meaningful and productive discussions," said Sondra Chambers, VP Business Development, Military and Law Enforcement at MJ Impulse.   

Esterline Simulation Visual Systems, a new business of Esterline Corporation, announced the commercial release of its new TREALITY TD-Series of displays at ITEC 2015. Formerly the training and simulation products business of Belgium-based Barco N.V., which Esterline acquired earlier this year, the new TREALITY product brand is synonymous with the design, development, manufacture and world-wide support of market leading, high-performance visual systems for military and commercial flight simulation and training.

The TREALITY TD-Series is the first deployable display system using a patented roll-up, seamless spherical screen. The spherical screen rolls up into a smaller diameter for easy handling and shipment, but then un-rolls into its design diameter at the installation site. The seamless spherical screen and support structures fit through any standard door so the display can be set up virtually anywhere. The entire display system can be fully assembled and operational in just a few hours due to its "snap together" magnetic connections and user-friendly design. The TD-Series is available in a variety of configurations with different fields of view and resolution that can all fit and operate into a standard ISO container.

ITEC takes place 28-30 April at the PVA Expo, Prague

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