Digital Global Systems Expands Counter-Drone Capabilities With Most Recent $7.5 Million Capital Raise

26 December 2018

TYSONS CORNER, Va., Dec. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to the accelerating level of threats and public safety risks created by the popularity of UAVs ("drones"), Digital Global Systems has advanced several key aspects of its CLEARSKY™ drone threat management solution. In its most recent Series B-3 and B-4 funding rounds, Digital Global Systems (DGS) raised an additional $7.5 million, bringing its total funding since inception to more than $28 million.

CLEARSKY™ is a market leader in counter-drone systems due to its unique approach towards detecting and classifying drone threats.  This approach delivers detection distances beyond 2 kilometers, with detection and classification occurring in under 2 seconds, significantly faster than other commercial counter-drone solutions in the market. "When a drone is traveling at high speeds and in congested areas, determining whether it is a threat and capable of delivering a payload in 2 seconds versus 20 seconds is a game changer," says Pete Dwyer, partner at Unmanned Systems and Solutions (USaS), a provider of drone services and counter-drone solutions. "Law enforcement need the appropriate lead time to react and neutralize the threat."

In addition to superior range and speed of detection, DGS is highlighting the system's capabilities to locate both the drone and the controller. "As the recent incident at Gatwick Airport in the UK demonstrates, these capabilities would have been essential in helping security personnel locate the perpetrators," says Fernando Murias, CEO of DGS. "Additionally, CLEARSKY™ is designed to operate in chaotic and noisy RF environments, such as airports and sports stadiums. Market feedback indicates that other counter-drone vendors have trouble operating in these real-world environments," he added.

DGS CLEARSKY™ also supports several additional features that are unique in the counter-drone market:

Geo-location and advanced location solutions: a specific focus on the successful capital raise referenced above is the near-term refinement of advanced location solutions. Geo-location of both the drone and the controller, along with advanced location and detection capabilities through airborne capabilities, reflects the unique value delivered by this solution.

3rd party system Integration: CELARKY™ fully supports integration with third party systems through JSON messaging. Long-range cameras, multi-sensor visualization systems, and the DGS CLEARSKY™ interface are all guided by the core DGS detection system.

Anomalous signal detection: DGS CLEARSKY™ detects more than just drones. It detects any anomalous signal in the RF environment, whether that is a wireless jammer, an unauthorized 2-way radio, a streaming video surveillance camera, or an unknown/new drone type. Its machine learning engine allows the creation of masks of "normal" RF environments for specific periods in time and compares the current environment to the appropriate mask to detect anomalies.

Spectrum-wide drone detection: While many counter-drone vendors utilize purpose-built solutions that only detect drones at 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz, DGS CLEARSKY™ sweeps the entire communications spectrum from 50 MHz to 6 GHz. If a hobbyist or bad actor modifies a drone chipset to operate in an uncommon frequency, CLEARSKY™ will still detect it.

Flexible defend options: Where allowed by law, DGS provides a number of drone defense solutions, including CommShield, which uses an omnidirectional or sectorized antenna to create a protective shield over a site.

About Digital Global Systems

Digital Global Systems (DGS), headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA, specializes in providing rapid detection of individual Radio Frequency signals and classification of their unique attributes to create near real time actionable knowledge for security and asset protection. Our products can be operated in stand-alone mode or as nodal networks spanning entire continents. With 34 patents issued in the past 4 years, DGS technology focuses on providing enhanced asset security through superior RF knowledge, critical for National Infrastructure protection.

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