CNIM will present its naval equipment for surface vessels and submarines in Euronaval 2018

25 October 2018

CNIM will present its naval equipment for surface and underwater vessels for the first time at Euronaval . CNIM designs, manufactures and installs weapons containment and handling systems, opening and closing systems with complex kinematics integrated transparently with their environment, adapted to user requirements and with a long service life, high performance sealing systems ( membranes and waterproof joints) and critical absorption systems to reduce acoustic impact / filtering.

Thanks to its global understanding of the functional and operational problems faced by the naval defense sector, CNIM manages to satisfy the performance requirements (life cycle, resistance to adverse environmental conditions) and stricter cost control.

To respond to these technological challenges, the CNIM teams have a high level of technical specialization , which combines complex engineering (calculations and simulations, mechanical design, instrumentation and control), knowledge of advanced materials (metals, compounds and polyurethane), their interfaces and high-grade industrial tools .

CNIM invests in ambitious research and development programs to expand its range of equipment: qualification and advanced analysis of new generation materials and innovative implementation procedures. CNIM exposes its solutions to the operating conditions to test them and guarantee specific functions.

CNIM has been a member of the Armed Forces for a long time, and maintains absolute confidentiality in relation to all its product lines, in addition to offering the quality of documentation required for defense teams. With a great experience as a prime contractor, CNIM manages the entire supply chain for its clients and also implements certification procedures .

CNIM is active in the naval defense sector since its founding in 1856, and has also played an important role in French deterrent programs for the Strategic Oceanic Force since the 1960s.

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