Video Shows The Massive Size Of The U.S. Military’s Arsenal

4 May 2016

What’s the biggest weapon in America’s arsenal and what’s the smallest device that can be used in combat What about everything in between these extremes. A neat video answers these questions by showing us the impressive U.S. military arsenal, complete with official names, sizes, and drawings. And, before you ask, everything gets compared to a regular U.S. soldier as well.

In just over two minutes, YouTube channel MetaBallStudios takes us through a virtual tour of various weapons that may be employed by the various branches of the U.S. military. From the tiny .45 caliber bullet which you can’t even see in the image above, and going all the way up to the largest aircraft carrier in the Navy, the video lists a variety of weapons, bombs, vehicles, airplanes, and boats. You’ve probably seen some of them in real life and/or movies, but this comparison is certainly worth checking out.

The best part about it is that all these weapons are neatly arranged one next to the other so that we can compare sizes. Thankfully, we’re looking at renders of weapons and vehicles, not someone’s personal collection of guns.


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