US nuclear-submarine arrives in South Korea

13 June 2016

A US nuclear reactor powered submarine reached South Korea on Monday to participate in military missions.

USS Mississippi (SSN-782) weighing 7,800 tonnes and 115 metres in length arrived at the port of Busan, according to the US Forces Korea (USFK).

The nuclear submarine, a relatively new addition to the US Navy's fleet which entered service in 2012, is on its maiden voyage to the Asian region and reached Busan with 141 crew on board, EFE news reported.

USS Mississippi "will conduct a multitude of missions while maintaining proficiency of the latest capabilities of the submarine fleet," said the statement.

However, there are fears that the arrival of this submarine, equipped to launch torpedoes and 'Tomahawk' missiles, can lead to protests by North Korea which considers any military movement between Seoul and Washington a trial for invading the communist country.

The US currently maintains 28,500 soldiers in South Korea.


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