PAE Wins seat on $12.6 Billion Contract

13 March 2019

The U.S. Navy announced it awarded PAE an IDIQ for Contracted Maintenance, Modification, Aircrew and Related Services in support of large-scale, whole-platform support of various aircraft. PAE, a leading provider of aircraft maintenance and other government support services, was one of 19 companies to win a spot on the $12.6 billion CMMARS contract.

"This is a large-scale, whole-platform support contract that constitutes the overwhelming majority of nonmanufacturing aviation support for the Navy over the next 11 years," said PAE CEO John Heller. "We have the global manpower, the depth of experience and the expertise to meet these kinds of broad demands to keep our armed forces safely in the air worldwide."

Task orders under this contract are mission-critical and high-value, Heller added, so the company is growing and expanding its capabilities to meet the demands of this and other major contracts.

"We're making critical investments in smart sustainment technologies and methodologies to improve customer readiness rates and reduce cost of service," Heller said. "An IDIQ of this size and depth is spurring growth and innovation on our end, which ultimately benefits our clients."