Kopin Extends Oled Deposition Capabilities To Support Us Department Of Defense Initiatives

23 May 2023

Kopin Corporation, a leading developer and provider of high-resolution microdisplays and application-specific optical sub-assemblies for defense, enterprise, consumer and medical products, today announced it has executed partner agreements for redundant and new OLED deposition capabilities for its current and future OLED family of devices.

“Due to our non-proprietary silicon wafer-based OLED deposition process and our highly integrated and flexible backplane design, Kopin is able to utilize several OLED deposition sources globally to support our customers’ cost, performance and continuity of supply demands,” said Bill Maffucci, Kopin’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy. “These new partnership agreements extend our deposition supply base into several US Department of Defense and NATO-friendly locations supporting duplicity and continuity of our supply chain, while at the same time bring more of the OLED packaging and testing processes in-house at Kopin. In addition, Kopin has gained access through these agreements to a broader set of OLED displays and other advanced technologies, to further enhance our product offerings.”

Kopin has developed a fab-lite strategy which is a blend of internal manufacturing and assembly coupled with partnerships with global leaders in wafer and deposition manufacturing technologies.

“Continuity of sovereign supply is critical to our US Defense customers and these agreements support that need while allowing Kopin to support current and potential Consumer, Medical, Industrial and Automotive customers with our Asia-based deposition partners,” said Michael Murray, Kopin’s Chief Executive Officer.