Turkish Company develops Anti-Fog software for Helicopters

Friday, Oct 31, 2014

A Turkish software and information technologies company has said that it developed software that allows helicopters to fly in foggy weather conditions.

PiriReis Informatics Technologies, based here, has said that it developed a software that enables helicopter pilots to detect geographical obstacles during flight on a 3D screen “even when visibility is close to zero.”

Company officials said the software can warn against utility poles and wires that are not visible to the naked eye from the helicopter’s cockpit.

They said that the standard helicopter software would exhibit only the horizontal and vertical data and the altitude of the chopper, whereas the new software presents all the geographical obstacles in 3D format in every weather condition.

One company official said that Turkey became the third country in the world to have developed such software, after the United States and Israel.

The Turkish software features a warning system that alerts the pilot 20 seconds prior to hitting an obstacle. The alarm’s audible and visual warnings become stronger once the chopper is 10 seconds away from the obstacle.

One procurement official said that although Turkey’s growing military and (other) security helicopter market may be in need of such software, the system must first prove its efficiency before the company wins any governmental contract.

“No doubt, suffering several helicopter accidents in bad weather we would welcome such a system. But it is too early to talk about a contract,” said the official. “All the same, we praise the effort.”

If the system wins governmental approval it could be installed on hundreds of military, police and other public helicopters.

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