France And Finland Push For Common EU Defence Policy Expansion

16 June 2016

Finland and France want to further develop a common EU defence policy. According to Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, security and defence cooperation needs to be strengthened, as the security situation in Europe’s east and west has changed dramatically.

“Along with France we hope that the EU countries have the political will to expand cooperation for crisis management in order to ensure European security,” said Sipilä in Paris on Wednesday.

Sipilä and Hollande also addressed the consequences of Britain’s potential exit from the EU. President Hollande said that EU defence cooperation will intensify if Britain decides to leave the EU. (Britons vote on June 23 about whether to leave or remain in the EU.)

Finland and France also want to bring the EU and NATO closer together.

Following last November’s Paris attacks, France asked other EU member states for military help and support in the fight against terrorism.

EU security guarantees would mean that other member states should be committed to helping member countries facing attack.


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